“Recognising that we share similar joys and challenges makes us feel less alone.”

Welcome to the Best of amillionshades: a selection of the most popular blog posts and pages from the original amillionshades blog (2011 – 2018).

About me:

I am a writer and a mother to three children (a boy and two girls).

In 2005 my middle daughter was the first of my children to be diagnosed with autism. In the following years, my other two children were diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

From the early stages of diagnosis through to coping with everyday family life, this blog allowed me to share my thoughts and experiences about Autism.

When I first started the blog, writing about autism came easy. I had so much to say. I wanted to write about everything (and I did), even if my time management was skewed. Despite a full life with three children on the spectrum under twelve at the time, part-time work and studying, I was committed to writing regularly.

Did I have the right to tell my children’s story?

I struggled with this question, especially in the early years, when I first wrote about my reaction to the first diagnosis. Writing short stories and poems, was the way I coped. It was how I sorted my feelings.

But then, as the years went by and the kids got older, I found it harder to write about them. I felt conflicted about what I was sharing and again, I wondered what purpose did my writing serve?

My children were now teenagers with their own values and beliefs.

These days, my focus has shifted, and I write about issues that affect the autistic community such as raising autism awareness and acceptance, education and integration.

The Best of Amillionshades is here for future readers.


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