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Let’s celebrate Autism Acceptance

2 April 2018           Anna Brasier Today on World Autism Awareness day the focus is on Acceptance. Acceptance in the home with family and friends. Acceptance in schools, through social inclusion and educational supports. Acceptance in the community with employment opportunities. "Let's embrace our neuro-diversity and work together to create a world… Continue reading Let’s celebrate Autism Acceptance


The Right School: asd school lotto.

by Anna Brasier, May 2017.   "After receiving an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis (ASD), the most common concern for parents is finding a suitable school." When Mary’s[1] first child was diagnosed with autism at the age of five, she felt relieved. Knowledge is power, and for parents of children with autism, this knowledge gives them the… Continue reading The Right School: asd school lotto.

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Autism: education is the key

"There is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution to autism education." A Canberra school principal has been stood down after it was discovered that a cage, made from pool fencing and measuring 2 x 2 metres, was used to contain a child with autism due to challenging behaviour. The Canberra school responsible for the cage incident says they… Continue reading Autism: education is the key

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Only yesterday . . .

“It seems like only yesterday that she started school.” I’ve heard this a few times this week when I tell friends that Lauren has started high school. I know what they mean. All of a sudden, the years from prep to year six have evaporated and in their wake, lies a teenager — confident, mature,… Continue reading Only yesterday . . .

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Stories I tell

"Once upon a time . . ." I like to think that I can tell a story. I usually write short stories, memoir, blog posts and poetry, however, the majority of stories I tell are verbal. Over the years I’ve had to tell many stories. But the stories I am best at are not the… Continue reading Stories I tell